Organized or Messy


Today the topic is Are you organized or Messy? Believe it or not. I am actually a pretty organized person.   I know that sometimes it is hard to be when you have a lot going on but with me  having things organized is something I have always done.

Being an army wife for 19 years and a mom you learn to keep track of everything. A messy desk or room is no way to do that.   I have 2 filing cabinets and a few other stands that help me stay organized!  I tend to keep things so I can find them when I need to.   I have planners that help me organize appointments and different things for the month!
Sometimes I admit I do tend to leave something out of place on my desk but later I have to go through and put it where it belongs and that starts the process of re organizing everything!    That I tend to do on a weekly bases!  Though sometimes I have an Organized Mess!  Well that is when someone messes with things and I have to go through and fix them!

Are you organized or messy?

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