Feeling Invisible


Ever get that feeling that you are just simply invisible, here to fill a space, or care for the needs of others? But honestly when it comes to you and your needs and wants it is like nothing matters!   That is exactly how I feel at times. Sometimes I think i am here just to care for the needs of others or to fill space, and no one really sees me at all because I am invisible! You give someone your all  and it seems that you get nothing in return!  Sometimes I ask my self if this will ever change but then again I realize no  it wont ever change!

You get use to being treated one way though you wish you were not and you become accustomed to it sadly.  You have to tell your self you deserve better but then you second guess your every thought and wonder are you really with more than what you are used to!

So in the end I am the one who is invisible and always going to be that way! Though maybe some day some one will not always see me this way!




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