Mail Call


Let me see what was the last piece of real mail that I actually received. Thinking about it, I really do not get any mail unless it is junk mail or something like that.  The last piece of real mail I received was a letter from my brother and my host packet for the Color Street Party I am having.  You can click on the link to order from the party.

For those who are not sure what Color Street is. It is actually pretty Simple to do..  It is Nail Polish Strips that take a few minutes to apply and last up to 14 days!   They are amazing! Especially for those who have a problem with your polish chipping after 1 day of wear.

I really do not get mail. So i am ok with that.  Though sometimes I miss that letter from your friend that comes in and you can sit down and tell them about everything!




Favorite Outfit


My favorite clothes is anything leggings and a tank top. Though I do love wearing skirts or dresses.. Heels forget it. I am comfortable in slip on shoes or flip flops. Yes I am the girl who can wear flip flops all year long!  As long as i am comfortable i am ok.. I do not do jeans to much but if I have to wear them then i will.. I do not like  to feel trapped when i wear a tshirt so it better be baggy so i can actually move.  I know i am picky when it comes to what i wear. Hell who isnt really. you want to be comfortable.


Role Model

My role model has always been my grandfather. He was my best friend.  I would and could talk to him about anything and I wanted to be just like him growing up.  Some people say my role model should have been my mother or someone like that, but honestly I was never really close to her. She was always somewhere else and not really a role model type.

Other than my grandfather. I would say My Aunt Mandy. She was one of the greatest women I have met.  She was always  around for her family and friends.  When my uncle passed she never once stopped caring about her family!




What is a Hero? That question can mean different things to everyone. Not all hero’s wear caps. They come in all different shapes and sizes..  Honestly Hero’s can wear combat boots and carry and M16!  Hell think about it they fight for our freedom!

My hero growing up was my grandfather. He was my best friend and my rock!  I talked to him about anything and everything and he was always supportive.

A hero can be anyone you want it to be. Someone you look up to, admire and what not.

Best Friends


Best Friends. Who says you need more than one. I have two that I would be lost with out them both..

My Pea – Her and I are two peas in a pod.   Her and I can talk about pretty much anything and she never judges me.  She is the one i can talk to about my craziness and random ideas.   My Sweet Pea keeps me level headed and reminds me every day that its ok to panic every once in a while.

Liss, Is my other best friend. I have known her god knows how long and she has been my sounding board for All of lifes problems. No matter how big or small..   She is one of a kind and we can joke about silly things . Even Death by a Care Bear!

But honestly without those two in my life i am not sure what I would honestly do.  I love them both dearly!


A Bit Proud


Anyone who knows me can answer this for you. Well most anyone anyway!   I think for my My proudest moment is  when  I learned I was no longer dependent on my ex husband.  That for me was the biggest thing because I was always dependent on him.  That for me was the biggest thing.

Another moment is when my oldest  graduated High – school. So many times we thought he would not but he did. Seeing him walk across the stage I cried. Though do not get me wrong I am proud of all of my kids!

Another things is I am a bit more social than I was before. I blog more and do more Online.   I am proud of the fact that I am actually blogging more than I did before in the past. My goal though is to actually blog EVERY DAY! More than just a blog challenge.



Showing Love


Being a Former Military Wife we go to the marriage counseling classes the military offers every once in a while  -Marriage Retreats – Or the Marriage Research Project for Military Families.   I have been to a few and of course you are taking quizzes, given books to read and of course taught walk away from arguments.

We learn their is 5 Love Languages

Quality Time
Words of Affirmation
Physical Touch
Acts of Service
Receiving Gifts

Out of these five Mine is Quality Time, Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch.  Yes it is possible to have more than one.   Those are me through and through.

Quality Time  is something I can not get enough of. Even it if is doing a simple task together. Cooking dinner, errands or a movie. Even playing a game together.

Words of Affirmation – I love it. Especially hearing I am proud of you or something to that effect.

Physical Touch – Who does not love to be touched. Even it is a simple touch of the hand, stroke of the hair, or kiss on the cheek. Anything to show you are loved!

Don’t get me wrong I am all for the other two but those are my top three.  Little Gifts could make any girl happy, but honestly its more of the quality time that I want. Anyone can give gifts at any point in time but it is not often that you can get quality time with the one you love.

Now with that being said If you have not checked it out go to

take the quiz and learn more about your love language.  I have met the Arthur of the book and read the book my self a few times.   It is really good and you can learn alot about your self from it.



My Favorites


A few of my favorite things, where do I even begin.  I know I have a few things that is my favorite and I have so many things that I collect!   If I listed everything that is my favorite I would be here forever. So lets see what I can come up with

  1.  Frogs – I do not know why, but I became obsessed with frogs.  I have several little frog statues everywhere and stuffed frogs.
  2.  Tatty Teddies –  Those I started collected when I got my first one as a gift. They quickly became my favorite.
  3. Books – Some see this as a bad thing but I love books  – I tend to collect them. I mean I have several full sets of books.   Ranging from all different genres.

Those are just 3 things that are my absolute favorite!  I could go on but that would take forever to actually do and I do not want to bore you with everything!




To be honest I have not completed a book in a while.  The last one I did read completely was  The Unraveling You Series By Jessica Sorenson.  It is one of my favorite books. Though I do  think she is an amazing author. I have several books on my to read list though.   I tend to read all different types from Vampire  Books to BDSM to  Thrillers.  It all just depends on what my mood is that particular time when I go to grab a book to read!

My Worries


Everyone tells me not to worry so much but yeah ok that does not work well at all.  I worry all the time!  I worry about the kids even though they do not live with me, but that is every parent!   I worry about the fact that I am never good enough all of the time. That is the biggest worry I have and I cant stop that honestly. I have tried. I tell my self differently but it does not help. I  feel like I am never good enough for anyone. I feel I am not pretty enough, I worry I am not skinny Enough. I worry I am not perfect enough!